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Venetian Cleopatra Miramare
Venetian Cleopatra Miramare is located on the beautiful waters of the Mediterranean Sea in the ancient Country of Greece. For thousand of years, Greece has attracted people far and wide with its ancient Power, timeless Beauty, friendly Culture and rich History. However, within the gem lies a single Diamond forgotten. Located at Mount Pelion, sits a fishing village that is untouched by time, unspoiled by Technology and has a hidden Paradise on Earth. Damouchari is surrounded by mountains, where legends declare the Centaurs once lived and clear waters where villagers used to say sirens sang the sea's song. There are spotless beaches with smooth stones from the sea's enchanting touch that invites you to swim and explore. A 500 year old trade route lies next to Damouchari providing a beautiful hike along the mountains giving you a breathtaking view of the sea and and also leads to hidden beaches along the cliffs.
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