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Beautiful settings for hosting your spectacular wedding await!
kathy ireland Weddings in extraordinary places evoke a true sense of luxury, privacy and intimacy.
 “… finding solutions for people in love.”

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Welcome to kathy Ireland Weddings and Resorts. We are so grateful to our brides and grooms and families who intrust their weddings of a lifetime to our extraordinary properties. Please browse these pages and experience exquisite properties in the miraculous locations around the world which are official kathy ireland Weddings and Resorts.


Beginning with our flagship property, Las Palmas, which is one of Montecito’s oldest gardens built by one of the founders of this beautiful community. Oak trees and flora of every type thrive on the grounds of this estate. The neighbors of Las Palmas include some of the world’s most famous and celebrated citizens: The Duke and Duchess of Sussex bought their first United States residence in Montecito, Ellen Degeneres and Portia de Rossi, Oprah Winfrey and Stedman Graham, Marcus and Bobbi Lemonis are among the neighbors who call this American Riviera home. Montecito was blissfully integrated before many other communities in California. Over 50 years ago, a property known as Olive Mill, was owned and restored by icon, Lena Horne, who built the trees which you will drive past on Olive Mill Road on your way to explore Las Palmas. 

Hawaii, Palm Springs, Texas, Fiji and Mexico are all jewels in our crown which glistens. 


Thank you for learning about kathy ireland Weddings and Resorts. 

God Bless You. 

Love, Kathy

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